Snoezelen room

School 'May 11th'

The program of work in the snoezelen room is based on the theory of snoezelen integration, Greenspan pyramid model, the experience of using multisensory environment and the principles of Gestalt therapy approach.

The goals of implementing snoezelen room are:
- To provide a stimulating environment that will enhance awareness of person
- To create an atmosphere that will act stimulatingly and encourage research of the environment
- To ensure the safety and thus provide physical and mental relaxation
- To create a non-restrictive atmosphere, without request, in which a person will be able to enjoy.

Snoezelen room has a universal application for all types of problems and disorders (conditions of high physical activity, stress, psychomotor agitation or simple rest and relaxation).

It is isolated, completely soft. It represents medium,and a therapist is someone who is a key figure. It provides a unique atmosphere in which the stimulation is dosed and establishes different contact intimacy and trust with the child. The child learns the space for itself and can only recognize what it needs. And when it went out from the room, it learns to secure itself a certain situation, and elsewhere.

Equipped by a variety of devices (projector with a rotating disc with liquid filling, a projector with a rotating disc in paints, glass ball, aroma diffuser, yarns fiber, interactive bubble tubes and balls, mirrors, portable UV lamp, magic set, "snake"for massage , vibrating pad, vibrating music armchair, cushion pad) so that for each sense can produce extra stimulation while the therapist lets the user to, among this equipment requires what is the most convenient. Length of stay is estimated on the spot and usually takes about 20-30minutes.

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