Developmental group

School 'May 11th'

The school has organized developmental group in which special education teachers work with children with disabilities, aged three to five and a half years, until the transition into a preschool group in which is implemented the preschool program.

For the children in the developmental group, special education teacher develops individual educational program with parental consent and opinion of Interdepartmental Commission. All children have twice-weekly individual hearing-speech exercises in specialized audiological cabinets in the school.

Children of developmental group have sessions in the snoezelen room, which is located in the school under the supervision of special education teachers. The aim of working in snoezelen room is to influence positively on overcoming the disfunction states of sensory integration by appropriate stimuli, apropos, individual inability to adequately process sensory stimulations. Therapeutic work in the snoezelen room is achieved by proper experience of the outside world by introducing the relaxed state that will allow the child to achieve a state of calm alertness as a basis for learning and development.

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