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School 'May 11th'

The ambitions of the school are improvement work within contemporary European events in the domain of surdoaudiology,students` life refinement and quality organizing students` leisure time, opening to the local community and actively participating in it. We believe that our ambitions are realistic and achievable and one piece of evidence is anniversary that we are going to celebrate-85 years of the school existence.

The school has satisfactory capacity space: classrooms for each grade, two cabinets for special audiopedagogical work, room for the pre-school group, a small gym, a snoezelen room, a digital classroom, library, kitchen with the sitting room, dormitories for male and female children, two rooms for students' daily living in the dormitory, as well as contemporary equipped classrooms for practical training for bakers, hairdressers and graphic artists.

It also has the school yard with a park and playground for small sports. The total area in the school building is 2413.73m2, and the total area outside the school premises 5.719m2.

The school is surrounded by landscaped and enclosed school yard with the park and playgrounds. The area in front of the school is landscaped with the help of an expert using a specialized company ‘The Green’ from Jagodina, in the yard are beautiful specimens of various trees and ornamental scions. Within the garden there is an area with the necessary requisites for the youngest students to play, football field, volleyball and basketball, behind the school is green surface for walk and relaxation. In the same area is, yet, the summer classroom.

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