School 'May 11th'

Within the work of elementary school are realized educational programs and rehabilitation of students with different disabilities; sensory impairments, cognitive disabilities of various types, autism, physical disabilities, multiple disabilities.

Within the work with students the following programs are realized,too:
- Individual hearing-speech exercises 2 classes per week per student
- phonetic rhytmicals classes
- corrective-gymnastic classes
Program of sensory integration in snoezelen room

Based on the opinion of interdepartmental commission,an individual educational plan is prepared for students appropriate for specific characteristics of each child. The main objective of the educational process is to affect professionally the development of potential of each student by the organized set of activities.

The school organizes a rich program of extracurricular activities and the students are involved in the sports section, creatively, drama, animation school, organizing folklore classes, modern dance and ballet by the involvement of professional choreographers from our city.

The teachers,who are also the special education teachers care about the students in the afternoon work, organized studying and educational work take place in small groups on the basis one class-one educational group.

During the school year visits to cultural and tourist attractions in the city are realized: visit to Wax Museum,the Zoo,the Native Museum,the Museum of Naive Art, Djurdjevo hill resort. According to the annual plan of the school every year,the excursion is implemented for all students.

The City Assembly allows our students a free trip to sea, for the fourth and eighth grades, and all first grade students receive a gift in the amount of 8,000 dinars to fit out for the beginning of their education.

Within the school,there is a dormitory for students who are not on the territory of our city, so that students are permanently supervised by professional staff.

The school cooperates with numerous institutions in the city, especially with the other elementary schools in the field of activity of the organization of inclusive activities of our students to achieve sensibility peers without disabilities to understand the characteristics of people with disabilities and develop attitudes of tolerance and acceptance.


Commission for the admission of students will work in the following composition:

1. Dragana Kovacevic, the school director
2. Ljiljana Stanojevic, a social worker
3. Dragana Popovic, a psychologist

In its work, the Commission will be guided by the findings and opinion of the Interdepartmental Commission and actively cooperate with the members of the inter-agency committee with the aim of monitoring children and evaluation of planned measures. In case of need, will be done by receiving and sorting of students throughout the whole school year during the regular school teaching.

The Commission will work on the basis of the following required documentation:

for pre-school educational group
- Birth certificate
- Interdepartmental Commission opinion
- Medical certificate

for primary school
- Birth certificate
- Interdepartmental Commission opinion
- Medical certificate

for high school
- Birth certificate
- Certificate of completion of primary education
- Certificate of completion of the second cycle of primary education
- Certificate of completed final exam in Primary Education
- Medical certificate
- Interdepartmental Commission opinion

TEAM FOR FIELD WORK (enrollment of secondary school students)

1. Dragana Kovacevic, Director
2. Ljiljana Stanojevic, a social worker
3. Dragana Popovic, a psychologist
4. Slobodan Filipovic, teacher
5. Ljiljana Djuric, teacher


According to the Law on Basic Education, 2009.member. 77, the director appoints team for inclusive education, consisting of:

1. Slobodan Filipovic, coordinator
2. Dragana Popovic, a psychologist
3. Ljiljana Stanojevic, a social worker
4. Petar Jevtic, teacher
5. Mirjana Pavlovic, teacher


The school with dormitory for the hearing and speech impaired children, " May 11th " has the following professional bodies:

1. Class councils
2. Teachers' Council
3. Pedagogical Council
4. Professional section for Development Planning
5. Professional section for the development of school program

The presidents of Professional sections as well as coordinators for teaching make Pedagogical Consortium.The school director presides over the Pedagogical Consortium,and session if there is need.

Pedagogical Consortium members:

1. The school director
2. Team Coordinator for Inclusive Education - Slobodan Filipovic
3. Representative council of lower grades - Mirjana Pavlovic
4. Representative council of upper primary school - Petar Jevtic
5. Expert Associate - Ljiljana Stanojevic, a social worker
6. Expert Associate - Dragana Popovic, a psychologist

Professional orientation program

Team members:

1. Dragana Popovic
2. Ljiljana Stanojevic
3. Jelena Strugar


(For the third grade of primary school)

1. Vera Tosic
2. Svetlana Milosevic
3. Radmila Vasiljevic
4. Mirjana Pavlovic
5. Violeta Vladisavljević
6. Zorica Ristic
7. Zorica Milosvaljević

Team for the protection of children from violence, in the following composition:

1. Dragana Kovacevic, Director
2. Dragana Popovic, psychologist, team coordinator
3. Ljiljana Stanojevic, a social worker, team member
4. Ljiljana Djuric, teacher, team member
5. Vera Tosic,a special education teacher, team member
6. Jelena Strugar, a special education teacher, team member
7. Srbijanka Ristic, a special education teacher, team member
8. Dragan Jovanovic, a special education teacher, team member
9. Tasic Snezana, a nurse, team member


1. Slobodan Filipovic, Team Coordinator
2. Dragana Popovic
3. Ljiljana Stanojevic
4. Radmila Vasiljevic
5. Ivana Gajic
6. Jelena Strugar
7. Svetlana Prvulović
8. Dragana Tomic
9. Bojana Ilic
10. Andreja Stanojevic
11. Zorica Ristic

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